In this sensitive phase that precedes the basic design, internal and external shapes are analysed and tested taking into consideration Customer’s requests, service requirements and the type of service for the new vessel. Spaces, shapes and details are defined also by means of a 3D model (rendering) of the project, to achieve the best performance of customer’s expectations both in terms of usage and ergonomics in respect of normative requirements.


All reference contractual drawings are necessarily settled from the input data (dimensions, speed, endurance, service, budget) for an harmonic and efficient development of the whole project:

  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Building Plans
  • Capacity Plans
  • Preliminary calculation of Stability
  • Midship section
  • Shell Expansion
  • Escape Plan
  • Speed and Power Assessmen
  • Electrical Balance
  • Deadweight
  • Unifilar diagrams of various plants
  • Ship Model Basin Tests
  • Preliminary list (quantity and type) of necessary materials
  • Study of the building process by dividing the ship in blocks in order to optimise and save time, costs and building materials