Studioaquilano Ltd. is an italian engineering company, founded on 2008 by Ing. Saverio AQUILANO, his legal representative and sole director. STUDIOAQUILANO operates in the fields of planning, consulting and naval, industrial, architecture and design management and has twenty (20) permanent collaborators.
in addition to these, when required, we recruit consultants of proven and consolidated professional experience. The internal structure of the company is a close, strong and competent team work, capable to acquire, develop and manage domestic and oversea commitments, and to develop jobs also on large scale. Many of us have gained experience on the "front line" as consultants or collaborators of Builders or Shipowners. Today, thanks to the significant number of employees, different backgrounds and expertise, we are able to respond effectively and quickly to the various demands. We act as sole interlocutor of the Customer, in monitoring, preserving and maintaining high levels of quality and safety standards in full compliance with Rules and Regulations. We are able to perform thewhole development of a project from the design (concept design, classification plans, construction drawings including electrical systems, interior & exterior design and furniture) to direct assistance and direction of works on board of ships (cruise ships, tugs, fishing vessels, supply-vessels, etc.) and yachts or industrial plants. When required STUDIOAQUILANO also offers services for Turnkey Management of refitting and / or construction (shipbuilding, plant design of all types, mechanics, electric plants, furniture), alongside with Shipping Companies, Yachting Companies and Steelwork and Mechanical Industries. STUDIOAQUILANO have licensed software solutions to assist and continuously improve performance in the design and construction.


Moral integrity, sense of responsibility, emphasis on quality, discipline and sense of teamwork are the main values of every employee, from the project manager to entry-level workers


We believe in quality both in a work perspective and in life. ADD has a strong work ethic since we firmly think that aspect is crucial to a company in achieving its goals


Moreover, we believe in a sustainable business model where the profit motive and environmental benefits are aligned. We are not interested in a business which pursues its pragmatic goals and does not consider its social and environmental consequences. Business and profit can not be at the expense of the community’s interest.